For the past few years, S3 at Currie have been given the chance to participate in the Creative Learning Interdisciplinary Project, partnered with the Lyceum Theatre. However, this time around we were presented with 3 productions from the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, allowing us to broaden our cultural experience.

The play “Falling Dreams” allowed pupils to take a step into the life of a teenage girl who, using live music and projections, shares her daily thoughts with the audience. Similarly, the film “Girl Asleep” introduced us to Greta, a 15-year-old Australian girl who begins to find that teenagehood isn’t as great as it seems. The monologue “Evil”, on the other hand, focused on Erik who struggles with bullying as the new boy at boarding school.

I had never set foot in any sort of theatre or film festival, ever. So when our bus pulled up outside the Edinburgh Filmhouse for the screening of “Girl Asleep”, I didn’t know what to expect. Comedy? Action? Romance? What I wasn’t expecting was all of those and more. The film highlighted all the important aspects of a teenager’s life and allowed the metaphorical forest that we were often shown to be interpreted by the audience – a feature not common in mainstream movies – and allowed anyone to relate to Greta and the forest in different ways. Whether it was the three mean girls who were presented as wolves to represent the threat and danger in Greta’s life, or the forest itself, we could all relate to some part of it.

Only having roughly 6 hours to come up with some sort of presentation as a creative response – with the help of Mrs Helm, thankfully – was what threw me off. A poster would have worked, but with 5 of us buzzing with excitement and ambition, we decided on a model of Greta’s house and the forest (which took numerous attempts and multiple bursts of anger at glue that wouldn’t stick!) The final result was great, and we were happy. Perhaps getting to work with our friends and people we’d never worked with before allowed us to come together as not only a group of 5 or even 30 but as a whole year group.

Not only did we come away at the end of that Friday with a sense of achievement, but new skills and attributes, including teamwork, patience, communication and organisation. What a brilliant way to end S3!

Abbie Malone S4

PS The director of the Children’s International Festival, Noel Jordan, visited the school to see the pupils’ creative responses to the works they’d seen. He was incredibly impressed with the imagination and diversity shown by what they’d produced in such a short time and was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss with pupils their positive experiences of the project.

Donna Jordan, Chartered Teacher of Leadership and Equality

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