Implementation of Biometrics Registration to pay for school meals – February 2018

To all Parents and Carers,

City of Edinburgh schools are changing the way pupils pay for school meals by replacing the need to remember a personalised PIN number.

This is being rolled out to all schools to reduce the queues at break and lunch time and to make it easier to pay for food and drink within the school.

After the February mid-term break, pupils will no longer need to enter a pin number to pay for food or drink within the school or to top-up their account.  Instead, they will place a finger on a finger image scanner at each till-point which will be connected to their dinner money account.

In order for this to happen it has been arranged for pupils to have their finger images taken on Tuesday 6.2.18 in the Assembly Hall.

As S6 pupils only have a couple of months in school this will not be rolled out to S6.

This system will continue to allow pupils to bring cash into school to credit their dinner money account up until the Easter break.  As the Parent Pay on line system has now been fully implemented we intend to phase out the use of cash for the purchase of school dinners after the Easter break.  This will mean that pupils will no longer be able to pay for meals with cash.

If you have any concerns, or if you do not want your child to be included in the Impact Biometric Process, please contact the school at or on 0131 449 2165.

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