S2 GoSET Project – Regional WINNERS

WELL DONE to the S2 Go4SET project who WON the Regional Final this week and will be competing in the NATIONAL FINALS on the 6th of June

We are so proud you have gotten this far and wish you Good Luck in the final. 

  • Go4SET is a ten week project where six S2 pupils work as a team to produce a project. They have some choice in the topic, but all are based on current issues in STEM.
  • The team chose ‘My School is an Island’ where they have to imagine our school is to be placed on an island at least 1km from the mainland (anywhere in the world they choose) and they have to consider how the school will be sustainable. They considered factors such as energy generation, transport, water and food. They chose to site their school off the coast of Iceland to make use of the geothermal energy potential.
  • The team produced an extensive report, a working model and a poster display. They had to present these to a panel of judges at the regional event and face questions on their choices.
  • The team were mentored by Angus Reid, an Engineering Compliance Manager with Heineken and visited the Caledonian Brewery as part of their research. They were supported by CCHS Teacher Findlay Haddow.
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