Currie Community High School retained in the Community

The staff, pupils and parents of our school are delighted with the decision taken by the Education, Children and Families Committee today to retain both Wester Hailes Education Centre and Currie Community High School in their local communities. This has been a difficult few months for all of us but there have been a number of positive which have come out of the process. These include: the enhanced engagement, through the Parent Council (PiP), of our parents from both Currie and Woodlands; and our pupils’ understanding and commitment to participate positively and responsibly in political, social and cultural life and develop informed views of complex issues. The strain under which our children have been living over the last few months cannot, however, be underestimated – Mrs MacKinnon spoke to the Primary 7 pupils at an assembly today at the end of their very successful 3 Day Visit. She told them the news from the Committee and the entire year group broke into spontaneous applause and high fived each other – it was quite overwhelming!

As well as our excellent pupils and parents, Currie Community High School has a team of passionate, committed, caring and ambitious staff who have continued to strive for excellence with a quiet, dignified professionalism during the last few months.

We have a great future ahead of us as a school and we will continue to drive forward ambitious plans to ensure that every young person can achieve their full potential.

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