Take part in Book Bingo!

We want as many people as possible to take part in Book Bingo over the Summer holidays. If you are in S2 and S3, your Group Tutor will have issued a copy of the Book Bingo rules. If you are in S4 to S6, you can get a copy of the rules from the LRC; from your group tutor; from the English Department; or from the website.


If 5+ pupils in a tutor group engage in the challenge, and appear after the holiday with evidence of having completed this, then they will gain a merit for every single person in the tutor group. They will also be awarded house points.

Every pupil who participates (& a chosen friend) will be invited to attend our ‘Book Bistro’. This will take place during period 6 on an agreed date after the holidays (around end August). The ‘Book Bistro’ will be by invitation only!!

Evidence includes – a photo(s) of the book(s) you have read and/ or a written note of your favourite line from the book.


Reading suggestions and ideas – check-out the display in the English corridor or have a chat with an adult or pop to the LRC/ Currie Library or take a look at the suggested lists on the Scottish Book Trust website.


Happy reading!


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