A number of our pupil’s suffer from medically diagnosed food allergies, some of which are severe airborne allergies. The school meals service and HFT department will take all reasonable measures to ensure that pupils food allergies are catered for, however, like most secondary schools many of our pupils purchase food at local shops or choose to bring a packed lunch. It is due to this fact that the school cannot be completely ‘nut free’ as no assurances can be given that food being brought into the building will not contain traces of nuts.

To safeguard the health and wellbeing of pupils suffering from severe nut allergies we ask that parents try to avoid – wherever possible – sending pupils to school with packed lunches containing nuts (particularly pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts or cashews). If pupils do choose to eat these types of snack within school, please encourage them to take a drink and wash their hands after they have eaten to avoid the trace of nuts being spread. Parents/carers should also remind their child regularly of the need to refuse any food items that may be offered by other pupils. If you would like to inform the school of any medically diagnosed food allergies affecting your child, please contact the School Office.


This advice is in line with the City of Edinburgh Council’s Allergies Policy

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