S3 YPI programme

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We are very excited to, once again, run the YPI programme with our S3 cohort. YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) involves the pupils forming groups; choosing local, grassroots charities; and preparing presentations to try to win a £3,000 grant for their charity. This can be a huge sum of money for a small charity. In the past, a number of very local charities have benefitted.

Please find attached a letter that explains the initiative fully. We encourage the young people to go and visit their chosen charity so the letter also includes information about how such visits will be organised. Pupils will also be issued with hard copies of the letter and we have put a copy on the school website.

Best wishes,

Maggie Grieve
Support for Pupils – Hermiston S1 to S3 (Acting)
Currie Community High School

YPI Charity Visit Planning Sheet

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