Charter Award – Gold

We are delighted to share that Currie Community High School have achieved the LGBT Gold Charter Award!  Working in partnership with LGBT Scotland, all of the staff and students at the school have worked really hard over the last year to make it the best place possible for LGBT young people and staff. Two excellent projects have been recognised in our school, the introduction of Pronoun badges for all which was a pupil led project.  This is an effective approach to gender inclusivity, addressing the importance of colour schemes which do not adhere to gender stereotypes.  The work of one pupil in particular Yousaf, who was an ambassador for Equalities in our school has presented at local and national events on his project which gave him a platform to share his experiences as a pupil in our school.  We also hosted a city wide event in school where many schools attended to share their excellent work in relation to Equalities.  Now it’s time to celebrate and spread the good news to our school community. We are very proud of this work and look forward to sharing our practice with other schools.  Well done to our entire school community.

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