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Art and Design Staff

H Deans               Teacher of Art and Design (Maternity leave)

G McClay             Temporary Teacher of Art and Design

P Richardson      Teacher of Art and Design

K Steel                  Teacher of Art and Design

Art & Design, along with Music and Drama, is one of the departments within the Expressive Arts Faculty.

Courses offered within the Art & Design department are:

National 4
National 5
Advanced Higher

The National Parent Forum of Scotland have produced the following guides for National 4, National 5 and Higher Art & Design.

Art and Design nat4

Art and Design Nat4

Art and Design nat5

Art and Design Nat5

Art and Design Higher

Art and Design Higher






Full details of all the Art & Design National Qualifications can be found here:

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Learn@Home instructions for w/c 4th May 2020

S1 Biodiversity Illustration

Assignment due: 11th May

The aim of this unit is to learn about biodiversity in your local area and to learn to draw wildlife in its habitat. Please find the Biodiversity PowerPoint on Class Materials and read through. Please choose a grouping from slide 61 (i.e. Dandelion & Ladybird). Then attempt either Lesson 1 on slide 62 or Lesson 2 on slide 63. You may use imagery from the PowerPoint or images you’ve sourced yourself online. There are many pupil exemplars and techniques on the slides for inspiration. If you don’t have black pens or paints on the house, use pencil and/or coloured pencils. When out for your daily exercise, look out for the insects, birds, plants and tree life you have learned about. Enjoy!


S2 Perspective Drawing

Assignment due: 11th May

The purpose of this exercise is to better understand the meaning of perspective and its application in artwork. Perspective gives depth and compositional complexity to your work. Please read over the ‘Perspective PowerPoint’ on Class Materials and complete as many of the straightforward tasks detailed on the PowerPoint as possible. Watch and learn from the videos too. When out for your daily exercise, look out for one-point perspective in woodlands, streets, rivers etc and take a pic to use as a source for your own one-point perspective drawing. If you don’t have a camera to hand, use a photo found on the internet to work from. If self-isolating, choose a room or a space in your house to observe and draw with one-point perspective. “Chilli Challenge” – add tone and/or colour. If complete and you want a “Double Chilli Challenge”, create a surreal, imaginary scene of your choosing!


S3 Design Bullet Points

Assignment due: 11th May

The purpose of this task is to help prepare you for your written N5 prelim and May exam and to develop your ability to analyse design. Good design is about enhancing life, form and function, turning heads, comfort, functionality, making a statement and so on. You will be learning about designers whose work has stood the test of time. You will be asked in Q7 of the N5 exam to write about two designers’ work. All pupils are expected to complete this task to the best of their ability as part of their essential coursework (N4 too). In Currie S3 A&D Teams > Files > Class Materials you will find: Fashion PowerPoint (background info); Architecture PowerPoint (background info); Designer Info Sheets (for design details, key words etc) and Bullet Points sheets (to fill out). These documents are for you to read/use/refer to/fill-out accordingly.  If you are creating a Fashion item in your practical work, you will be writing about Coco Chanel as your historical designer and Vivienne Westwood as your contemporary. Associated design movements are Art Deco and Punk.  If you are working on an Architecture folio in class, you will be writing about architects Antoni Gaudi (historical) and Frank Gehry (contemporary) – Art Nouveau and Decontructivist designers, respectively. As with your Expressive task just completed, you have examples of feature and effect sentences for each “design issue” on the Bullet Points sheets to get an idea of what is expected to get a mark in the exam. You have to look at the designs detailed on the back of the info sheets and analyse. Please save the appropriate Bullet Point sheet, type into it with your analysis and send to either Ms Richardson or Mrs Steel. Ms Richardson and Mrs McClay will be feeding back on your previous exercise on Van Gogh and Howson so you will have an idea of how well you have got on with the feature and effect sentences. Extension Task: check out the N5 A&D past papers on the SQA website to see how Q7 is worded and how you might answer it with all of the info you have gathered. Good luck!