Curriculum information- Course Choice for pupils in S2-S5

Our aim at Currie Community High School is to provide a curriculum which is enjoyable, inclusive, which challenges and supports our young people to achieve their full potential and is relevant to life in today’s world.

All our young people are expected to attain qualifications at the highest level possible and to develop skills and qualities which will serve them well in the complex and fast changing world in which we live.  The curriculum is the vehicle through which our young people are supported and challenged to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens who move into positive and sustained destinations when they leave school.

Underpinning the curriculum is a commitment to learning for sustainability as enshrined in the school’s vision and values.

It is important to be aware that there may be some changes based on choices made by pupils and also please be aware that some of the content in the Information Books may also be subject to change during the course of the year as the SQA announce and implement updates on content and assessment.

Broad General Education Documents (S1, S2 & S3)

Moving Into S3-Information Book 2018-19


Senior Phase Documents (S4, S5 & S6)

Please note that the information book below contains updates for some subjects and that further changes to assessment will be published soon by the SQA.

For the most up to date information please see the SQA website:

Moving Into and Within the Senior Phase Information Book 2018-19

Senior Phase Choice Pathway 2 2018-19 070318


Here are some websites that you may find useful

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