Dress Code & Uniform Bank

Access the Currie Community High School Dress Code here: School Dress Code

We are grateful to the following local businesses for setting up Uniform Bank donation points.  All your donations are collated, laundered and quarantined ready for re-distribution. This is a great Eco-friendly initiative, which is benefiting lots of people in the community. We are grateful to all of you who have donated items of uniform and stationery for our learning packs.

If you have any pre-loved uniform, please help us in our commitment to Re-use and Re-cycle, by dropping off to your local collection point:

  Molly’s Tearoom, 563 Lanark Road,

                                      Juniper Green EH14 5DB

  The Corner Cafe 120 Lanark Road West EH14 5NY

  Co-op 9-11 Corslet Place, Currie EH14 5LS

If you would like to request items from the school uniform bank, please complete this form and we will get in touch with you.

The Dress Code at Currie Community High School has been devised with the principles of Equity and Inclusion in mind. The benefits of wearing school uniform are innumerable and include:

1. Preventing Bullying
School uniforms puts everyone on an even playing field and prevents this type of bullying from happening.

2. Student Identity
Most schools have a unique uniform, which helps them to keep better track of all of their students.

3. Promoting School Spirit
If every person in the school is sporting their schools uniform, then a feeling of unity and togetherness is inspired.

4. Easing Morning Routines
Knowing exactly what you are wearing for the day, and having no other choice, greatly reduces the amount of preparation and time that is required in getting ready for school in the morning. This helps to reduce stress in the students and parents, as well as allow for a more

5. Saving Money                                                                                                                   School uniforms are often much cheaper than buying an entire wardrobe of trendy fashion.

Access the Currie Community High School Dress Code here: School Dress Code

Access Information about CCHS School Uniform Bank Here:   CCHS Uniform  Bank

Our school works with the Edinburgh School Uniform Bank to provide uniform to those in need. You can access their website using this link:

As well as asking for help, you can also donate preloved or new items.

Learning Packs

We continue to encourage all pupils to bring their own ‘learning pack’ containing everything they need to participate in classes, lessening the need for sharing of resources. You can donate any learning resources on the list below to any of the donation points above, or send in to school with your child, for the attention of Claire Mulvey. If you would like some support in sourcing some of the items in the learning packs, please complete this form to let us know what resources your child will need, how we can help provide some of these for you and what donations you may feel able to make. All responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

learning pack contents