Friday’s bulletin 22/11/2019

1 All Years – Prelims

Please note that S4 prelims start today and exams will be taking place all round the building for the next few weeks. Please make sure you show your respect to those sitting exams by moving quietly around the corridors at all times.  Please note that access to the P.E. block is restricted when exams are on in the Assembly Hall and pupils have to go outside to get to P.E. at this time.






2 S1-S3 – Dae ye ken… that it’s Book Week Scotland? And there’s a braw competition going on?

How many Scots words do you hear each day? Each week? Well, this week listen carefully as your teachers have been tasked with dropping Scots words into their lessons. Your challenge is to record as many of these ‘hearings’ as possible. Find the most across the week and – BINGO! – you get a sweet reading treat! Make sure to return your BINGO card to your tutor or any English Teacher by Friday 22nd to be in with a chance.








3 S3 Basketball Team

We are still missing some Basketball kits – please return these before Wednesday 27th November to avoid a letter being sent home. We cannot arrange or fulfil any further games until all kits have been returned.





4 S4 – Prelims

Good luck to everyone sitting Maths today!

Please note the arrangements for breaks detailed below.  You must not leave the school building during breaks that fall out of the normal school break time.


·        For those sitting Paper 1 finishing at 9.40am, you should go straight to you Period 2 class.  You will then be excused for break at 10.15am to allow you to have a break before Paper 2 starts at 10.40am.


·        For those sitting Paper 1 finishing at 10.15am.  You will take your break at the end of this before Paper 2 starts at 10.40am.


·        For those sitting Paper 2 finishing at 11.40am, you should take a short comfort break and return to your Period 4 class by 11.50am.


·        For those sitting Paper 2 finishing at 12.30pm, you will be released for the end of the day directly from the hall.


















5  S1-S6 – Dae ye ken… that it’s Book Week Scotland?

  • Do you have a favourite Scots word? I do think Totie is Braw! The Scottish Book Trust are asking you to vote on your favourite Scots word. Get online, explore and vote! Make sure you ask your teachers their favourite words too.
  • Get reading! Ever read any Scots? You could now. Or read any text and see where it takes you…








6 S6 Career Ready

Please can the Career Ready students see Mr Butlin this week




7 #BooksNotJust4Xmas – Quotation 2

Since we are all about ‘blethering’ this week…

‘Mony a mickle maks a muckle’ – Old Scots proverb

A helpful phrase to live by…can you work out what it means?






Please remember the brass timetable has changed! Lessons are now spread across a Monday as well as Wednesday and Thursday. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIMES CAREFULLY. Thank you





Head Teacher