Friday bulletin

1 All Classes – A message from the Head Teacher

I am delighted with the decision taken last week to retain both Wester Hailes Education Centre and Currie Community High School in their local communities. This has been a difficult few months for all of us but we can now move on positively knowing that our school will be safe. I spoke to the Primary 7 pupils at an assembly last week and, after I told them this news, the entire year group broke into spontaneous applause and high fived each other – it was quite overwhelming!

This made me realise just how much our pupils care about this wonderful school.

We have excellent pupils at Currie and we also have passionate, committed, caring and ambitious staff who have continued to strive for excellence with a quiet, dignified professionalism during the last few months.


We have a great future ahead of us as a school and we will continue to drive forward all our plans to ensure that every single young person can achieve their full potential.


I wish you all a well-deserved and lovely summer holiday and I look forward to all the exciting opportunities ahead in the next school year.


Mrs MacKinnon




















Currieco have spent a lot of time updating our recycling system. Please ensure that your litter (such as crisp packets) goes into landfill bins and the recyclable items (such as plastic bottles, cans, cartons, paper etc.) go into the recycling bins. In the UK, we send 31 million tonnes to landfill every year. Let’s do our bit to recycle, for the sake of our planet. Thanks, from Currieco.






3 Brass Timetable:

Please note- the brass timetable rotation will be changing after summer. Please check your lesson time carefully and see Mrs Storrar asap if you are unsure of your lesson time. Groups and letters will all be changing too! Thank you all for your hard work this year- have a brilliant summer break and see you all in August! Mrs Storrar







Head Teacher