Friday bulletin


Have you lost anything in school over the last year – please check the lost property table in the Foyer to see if it’s there. Anything left at the end of the week will be given to charity.




2 S5 Peer Supporters

Thank you to the Peer Supporters who showed the new S1 pupils around last week you all done a great job. Miss Ellis and Mrs Paterson will meet with all Peer Supporters when we return in August. This will be to give out all of your badges and assign your roles, this will also be your opportunity to select days you’d like to carry out some of the specific roles. All those who picked to be a tutor group supporter, and didn’t get the chance to do this last week, will get to do this come August. Any questions please see Mrs Paterson this week as Miss Ellis is in Belgium.








3 For S4, 5 & 6 pupils

There is a current opportunity for anyone seeking a joinery apprenticeship with Hutton & Read joiners (near the golf course).  They are seeking one school leaver and currently have 7 other apprentices.  If interested, candidates should write a letter expressing their interest and suitability for the position to Mr Clifford Read, Hutton and Read, Burnwynd Works, Kirknewton EH27 8EA.  Alternatively call 0131 333 1590 or e-mail for more info.







4 S5/6 Seminar on Organ Donation and Transplantation

There is a seminar at Napier University in August for S5/6 students who are interested in a career in Medicine, Nursing or Life Sciences. You will be given access to Specialist Nurses in Donation, Doctors in Intensive Care, Transplant surgeons and donor and recipient families. The professionals will give short talks/discussions on their roles & answer any questions.  We may only get 3 or 4 places and therefore we cannot guarantee a place to everyone who applies. However, if you are interested, please give your name to Mrs Paterson by Tuesday 27th June.


S5/6 students applying to study Medicine
The Royal College of Physicians are delivering school talks to support students applying to Medicine.
The three talks are:
1. Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine (Sept)
2. Topical Medical Issues (Nov)
3. Becoming a Doctor (Nov)
If you are interested in attending of any of these, please see Mrs Paterson ASAP so I can register you.


















Head Teacher