The Learning Resource Centre is open to pupils and staff and the Librarian, Mrs Marriott, is always pleased to answer enquiries, provide information and help pupils find books.


LRC Currie Community High School

LRC Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday         0800 – 1600
Thursday                                0800 – 1645 (Homework Club)
Friday                                     0800 – 1330

Pupils can take out up to two books at any one time, seniors can take out more, and there is a two-week loan period.  You can reserve popular titles and are notified about books and over dues via your Group Tutor.

The LRC has an extensive story book (fiction) collection and information (non-fiction) books to help pupils with schoolwork, investigations and outside interests.  The reference section, as well as having conventional encyclopaedias and other information books, also includes magazines and a daily newspaper.

An area of the LRC is devoted to careers information.  University and College Prospectuses and other careers literature are freely available for consultation whenever the LRC is open.

The LRC is equipped with 15 PC work stations linked to the school’s network for independent study by pupils.  There is also Internet access