Monday bulletin 19/11/2018


We will focus on the third two School Values throughout the month of November. Your Year Heads, your PSL’s (Guidance teachers), all your teachers and I will expect to see you showing these values in your attitude, work and behaviour both in and out of school throughout November. I will be speaking to many of you to discuss how you are striving to embrace these values. Think carefully about how each value applies to you.

Our November values are:

·        Initiative

·        Mistakes are okay as long as you learn from them

·        Achieve your own goals through developing skills for life, learning and work

·        Show determination, resilience and ambition

·        Equality

·        Accept all aspects of social and cultural life regardless of personal beliefs and values

·        Treat others as you wish to be treated

·        Show care towards those who may need help

















2 All Classes – Art Corridor

The area outside the Art Department is now out of bounds to all students. This is due to too much litter being left




3 All Classes – CHOIR: S1-6

Rehearsals for Christmas Fair (Sat 24 Nov) – every Tuesday @1pm in Music2.  All welcome.



4 All Classes   

House Points competition


We are looking for donations for the tombola stall for this year’s Christmas Fayre


You can earn 10 HOUSE POINTS per Tutor Group 

when 10 or more students in a Tutor Group bring in one item for the Tombola stall

AND A BONUS 10 POINTS – if everyone in your Tutor Group brings in one item each

S1’s – Chocolate and sweet items

S2’s – Any Toiletries

S3’s – Any Savoury items

S4’s – Any Christmas themed items

S5 and S6 – you can bring in any of the type of items above.


Please bring along your donations to registration and start earning those House Points
















5 Debate Club Meeting – All Welcome

There will be a meeting for anyone interested in joining Debate Club in Eng 4 at 1:00 on Monday, November 19th .




6 #BooksNotJust4Xmas – Reading Dare #4

Happy Book Week Scotland!  Read and talk about the books that you love!  Reading takes you on a journey beyond everything that is familiar.


And on that note…reading dare #4 is…follow @curriechs_eng on Twitter to see our daily ‘favourite text’ reveals and to see if we can get some celebrity replies.








Head Teacher