Monday’s bulletin 24/06/2019

1 All Classes: Eco Tip of the Month – Polystyrene

One of the most commonly-used plastics in this country is polystyrene – several millions of tons of which are produced every year. Most of it is binned after one use. This plastic then creates gases in landfill or ends up in the ocean, endangering wildlife. In an effort to reduce plastic and polystyrene waste, please bring your own clean containers to the canteen for your hot food. This should help save on waste, money and landfill. Thanks for your help, Currieco.







2 S2 –S6 #BooksNotJust4Xmas – Tutor Group Book Bingo!

We want as many people as possible to take part in Book Bingo over the Summer holidays.  If you are in S2 and S3, your Group Tutor will issue you a copy of the Book Bingo rules.  If you are in S4 to S6, you can get a copy of the rules from the LRC; from your group tutor; or from the English Department.



If 5+ pupils in a tutor group engage in the challenge, and appear after the holiday with evidence of having completed this, then they will gain a merit for every single person in the tutor group.  They will also be awarded house points.

Every pupil who participates (& a chosen friend) will be invited to attend our ‘Book Bistro’.  This will take place during period 6 on an agreed date after the holidays (around end August).  The ‘Book Bistro’ will be by invitation only!!

Evidence includes – a photo(s) of the book(s) you have read and/ or a written note of your favourite line from the book.


Reading suggestions and ideas – check-out the display in the English corridor or have a chat with an adult or pop to the LRC or take a look at the suggested lists on the Scottish Book Trust website.


Enjoy all the reading fun!





















3 All S3 Pupils attending the Iceland/Washington Trip

Can all pupils attending the above trip please come to a brief meeting in Mr Wilson’s room (Geography 2) on Tuesday 25th June at 1.10pm. This meeting is to discuss payment for the trip and letters will be given to take home to parents/carers. Attendance is compulsory as these letters need to be given out before the end of term. If you cannot attend for any reason, please come and see either Miss Ellis or Mr Wilson.







4 S3

Any boys wishing to play in the S3 football team next season must attend a meeting Monday lunchtime in the PE department at 1:15. Attendance is compulsory or a team will not be entered in the league and cups.





5 S5 Silver DofE

Please come to a meeting in ML5 on Thursday 27th June at 1:10. Please bring the map for the Qualifying expedition if you have it: OS No 43 Braemar and Blair Atholl.




6 S5/6 NHS Work Placements

Can anyone interested in applying for a placement, please ensure you have returned your NHS application form to Mrs Paterson by Tuesday 25th June? These applications need to be submitted before the summer holidays.  If you are interested but have not yet received the paperwork, please see Mrs Paterson ASAP.






7 S6: Head Student Hustings

The hustings will take place on Monday 24th June, Period 6 in the LRC.  All S6 students are expected to attend to hear from their peers and place their votes for this year’s Head Students.




8 S6 – PSE – Mock Interviews

At the end of the PSE Employability talks last year, we were offered the opportunity to receive a session on mock interviews.  This has now been arranged for Wednesday morning during S6 PSE. All S6 students will be given a 10 minute mock interview (including time for feedback) with an external employer. Preparation is not essential but might be beneficial.






9 Ski Trip 2020

All pupils who want to go on the ski trip next year should hand in their deposits ASAP and no later than the end of term.  Please hand cheques to Mrs Dower next week as Mr Harley is out of school.





Head Teacher