Monday bulletin

1 S1 and S2

Did you miss the “Big Voice” meeting last week?  Never fear!  You still have time to sign up to take part.  Simply speak to Dr Farrelly or Miss Hockaday (or your English teacher) and make sure that you have written your spoken-word poem for our next meeting on Wednesday (17th May) at 1pm in English room 4.






2 S3

Could the following please come to Business Education 1 on Tuesday 16/5 Periods 1 & 2.  Please bring your headphones.

Sophie 3K2,

Ben 3L3,

Callum  3L3,

Harry  3L3,

Hayley  3L3,

Jack  3L3

Shaun  3L3

Wayne 3L3

Antoni  3L1

Emily  3L1

Jack  3L1

Lucy  3L1

Sairah  3L1

Jamieleigh  3L2

Louisa  3L2

Ria  3L2

Ellie  3K1

Lewis  3K1























Head Teacher