Monday bulletin 10/9/18


We will focus on the first two School Values throughout the month of September. Your Year Heads, your PSLs (Guidance teachers), all your teachers and I will expect to see you showing these values in your attitude, work and behaviour both in and out of school throughout September. I will be speaking to many of you to discuss how you are striving to embrace these values. Think carefully about how each value applies to you.

Our September values are:


• To perform to the best of your ability

• To seize every important opportunity

• To try something new

• To accept others and yourself

• To be enthusiastic and motivated to learn



• Supportive to others

• Unified commitment to improvement

• Appreciating achievements of all kinds


















All Years: Sponsored Walk

The Sponsored Walk to support our work with Chogoria Girls’ High School in Kenya takes place this Friday Periods 3 & 4.  Please try to do your bit to get sponsors from friends and family this week to help us raise enough funds to support this very worthwhile cause.


On the day, you can bring £1 to dress out of uniform and wear clothing in the colours of the Kenyan flag (Red, Green, Black and White). Football strips/ offensive slogans/ revealing tops or clothing of any kind are not allowed. You should wear sensible footwear as you will be walking for an hour.


Let’s all work together to make 2018 the best year ever!!












S3-S5 Munich Trip

Please come to a meeting on Tuesday 11th September at 1pm in ML2. You are welcome to bring your lunch up if it’s easier for you. Full attendance needed please.





All S6 classes

A reminder of the meeting today at 1pm in Business for all S6 pupils who are interested in doing Young Enterprise this year.





3 Scottish Maths Challenge 2018–19

Do you like solving puzzles? Do you like giving yourself a challenge? Would you like to prove what a big fabulous brain you have?

If so please take part in the Scottish Maths Challenge for 2018/19.

There are 3 challenges….

Junior for students in S1 and S2, Middle for students in S3 and S4 and Senior for students in S5 and S6

Round 1 Entries are on the noticeboard in the Maths Department – please take one if you are interested in taking part. You have until Tuesday 25th of September to complete Round 1. Hand all completed entries in to your Maths teacher or Miss Duffin.

Good Luck!














Anyone who would like to be involved in a Multiculturalism Night at school on Wednesday 19th September, please come to a meeting on Monday 10th September in English Room 4 for 1pm. We want to plan food, dance and other cultural activities.






5 Ski Trip 2019

Remember to bring a copy of your passport and EHIC to Mrs Dower.




6 All S5 and S6 prefects

There is a team-building event for prefects taking place on Monday 10th September during P6 in the Assembly Hall.  All S5 and S6 prefects must attend this.

Anthony Housego and Khadija Chohan.





8 All years – School Show Auditions!!!

The school show this year is Grease and will be performed in the assembly hall on the evenings of 11th – 13th December 2018. Do you have what it takes to be our Danny, Sandy or Rizzo? Perhaps you’re a Pink Lady, or T-Bird? There are places for all in our show, stars and chorus alike. If you are interested in auditioning for an acting and/or singing role, please attend auditions 4.00pm – 6.00pm on Tuesday 11th September in the Assembly hall. Lyrics for audition songs will be available outside of the Drama studio (these will be practised with Mrs Martin and Mrs Onions on the evening too) and acting auditions will require no prior preparation. Hope to see you there!










9 S4 Prefects

Can the S4 prefects who have agreed to attend the My World of Work Ambassador event, please remember to return your forms to Mrs Paterson ASAP (by Monday at the latest).

Please meet in the foyer at the end of registration on Tuesday.  We will be leaving at 8.40am sharp.







11 S5 Cool, Calm and Connected. 

Part two of the peer supporter training for delivering Cool, Calm and Connected will take place on Tuesday 11th September from P1-4 in Geography 2.  Please let me know in advance if you cannot attend.







We would like to welcome anyone interested to the Currie GSA group – that’s the Gay/Straight Alliance. Our first meeting will take place in the Sun Room off the Community Lounge on Monday 10th September at 1pm. Come along if you’re LGBTQI+, want to support your friends or just want to support equality. Biscuits will be provided, and lots of chat.







Head Teacher