Monday bulletin

1 All Classes

If anyone would be interested in participating in a video regarding the reasons why they believe the school review should result in a new building being built or the reasons why they love the school, please come to the inclusion room during break or lunch on Wednesday 21 March. The video will be used in a presentation for the city council regarding the school review. Your input would be much appreciated. Thank you, Riya and Abigail







2 S1 Football

Could all players please note that training will take place outdoors on the grass this Wednesday, from 1545-1645. All players should bring appropriate footwear and warm clothing.




3 S3 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

If you have not yet let me know about the new dates for the expeditions, please do so as soon as possible, thanks.




4 Spring Music Concert – 7pm Tues 20th March

All performers should meet in the LRC no later than 6.30pm in white shirt and tie or white polo shirt.

Rehearsals – Tuesday 20th in Main Hall

P3a         A Cappella & S6 Groups

P3b        Han  & Amy

P4           Choir & Finlay, Fraser and Adam

P5           Strings and Roksana

P6a         Junior Brass, Finlay and Flute Group

P6b        Currie Dance Group










5 Students interested in a career in Nursing

An information session is being held within the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh on Saturday 28 April, 9:30am – 3:30pm. This full day event will give students an insight into Nursing as a career.  Nursing staff will be on hand delivering presentations and practical workshops to students. Students who attend will receive a certificate of attendance to keep. This event is sponsored and organised by Vision in Kids (VIKS) charity, committed to improving career opportunities for school students. Please see your PSL to sign up as soon as possible.









Head Teacher