Monday’s bulletin 09/09/2019

1 All Years: Jeans for Genes Day

This Friday we are holding a Jeans for Genes day here at school.  For a £1 donation, you get to swap your uniform for your jeans for the day and at the same time know that you are helping to improve the lives of children with life-altering genetic disorders.  There will be a short video all about it on Friday during registration but you can find out more through: #JeansForGenes and

This is a dress down day and we want it to be fun but you must remember you are still in school so you must still be dressed in appropriate clothing. This means no football tops, short cropped tops or jeans that are ripped all the way up the leg.







2 S6 – Higher Education Exhibition

A reminder that if you want to attend the above event on Tuesday 17th September you must return your return slip and money to Mrs Paterson and have a completed KIC form in the school office by this Wednesday.





3 Scripture Union

The group meets on Mondays at lunchtime in Mod Langs 1 (top floor – Mrs Mackenzie’s room).

We discuss Christian themes, play games, watch clips and make friends with pupils in all year groups.  Any member of staff or pupil welcome to come along and bring your lunch.  Look forward to seeing new faces this session.






4 All S6 Students

If you are driving to school, you must register your vehicle with Ms Muir and only use the bottom car park at the back of the school. Thank you





Head Teacher