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Education Scotland: LAY MEMBER VACANCY


Do you have good interpersonal skills, sound judgement and a strong interest in education?  Do you easily engage in conversation with children, young people and adults?  Are you willing to give up some of your time to make a difference to the lives of children and young people across Scotland?  If so, then the role of Lay Member may be for you.

Education Scotland is actively recruiting members of the public to join our school inspection teams as Lay Members.  Lay Members take a particular interest in aspects of school life, including relationships between staff and pupils and schools’ partnerships with parents and the local community. You will spend one day in the school.  You will make a positive and valuable contribution to improving Scottish education bringing a new perspective to our work.  You will contribute to the overall work of a school inspection team, resulting in a published report for parents. The report identifies strengths and areas for improvement and help schools to improve the experiences and achievements of children and young people.

We are looking for people form a variety of backgrounds, with different skills, experience and knowledge.  Our Lay members team will benefit from a membership drawn from a range of life experiences. You should have no professional links to the education sector.  This means you must not have been employed in the field of education e.g. as a teacher, support assistant, lecturer or community learning and development worker.

Participation is on a voluntary basis although travel and subsistence expenses will be reimbursed.  You will carry out the role for a maximum of three years.

Successful applicants will be invited to a selection process. Those successful at interview will require a PVG check then undertake a two-day induction programme followed by further training as required. As a Lay Member, you will be expected to write your notes in clear, concise English.

We are committed to building a team of lay members that fully reflects the diversity and plurality of modern Scotland.

If you, or anyone you know would be suitable for the post please visit the vacancies section of our website for full details and how to apply at the following link;


The closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 8th October 2018.


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Annual Sponsored Walk – Friday 14th Sept

Please feel free to share this poster

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Introduction to Mindful Parenting course – for Parents/Carers of 11-18 year olds

Follow link for details

Mindfulness Course

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Reminder – PiP Meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday 3rd Sept

This will be held in the Community Lounge, on the First Floor of the Main Block – it will be sign posted for those that are unfamiliar with the school.

Please note we will be going over to have a look at our newly refitted HFT Dept (Home Economics).   It is thanks to all the parents support and hard work by many at the school that Currie finally got this Dept a full refit. It will be of huge benefit to many of our pupils.

The PiP Meeting Agenda will be sent out on Monday.

All parents and carers are very welcome to join us.

Parents in Partnership

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Currie High School Lunchtime and Afterschool Clubs – additional clubs

For these clubs just turn up at the Drama Dept –

Drama club on a Wednesday 3.45 – 4.45

Dance team is Monday 12.45 – 1.15pm

School Show rehearsals/meeting will be Tuesday 3.45 – 5.45 until Christmas.

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Currie High School Lunchtime and Afterschool Clubs

If students are interested in attending the below lunchtime and afterschool clubs,  which are provided free of charge (except Ski and Snowboarding Lessons and the occasional request for materials) please just turn up at the club at the times/locations below.

Scripture Union   Mrs MacKenzie   Modern Languages 1   Tuesday lunchtime, bring your lunch

Coding Club  Mrs Park   Computing 2   Tuesday, lunchtime, bring your lunch

Rights Respecting Schools   Mr McBride   Community Lounge   Tuesday lunchtime, bring your lunch

Art   Mrs Richardson   Art Dept   Tuesday/Thursday, 1hour after school for S4 and S5 pupils

Currie Co   Mrs Steel   Art Dept   Wednesday, lunchtime, bring your lunch

Homework Club   Mrs Marriott   LRC   Thursday 3.40pm – 4.45pm

Chess Club Mrs Park   Computing 2   Thursday, lunchtime, bring your lunch

Music Clubs –

Monday, Guitar Ensemble, 1pm   Music Room 2

Monday, Ukelele Group, 3.30pm – 4.30pm   Music Room 1

Tuesday, Choir, 1pm   Music Room 2

Tuesday, Music Club, 3.30pm   Music Room 2

Thursday, String Ensemble, 12.45pm   Music Room 1

Thursday, Brass Ensemble, 12.45pm   Music Room 2

Young Enterprise   Mrs Matthewson   Business   S6 pupils only

Ski and Snowboarding Lessons   Mr Duchart – charge is applicable – please speak to Mr Duchart

Wednesday, Ski Lessons, 3.30pm – 6.00pm after October holidays

Wednesday, Snowboarding Lessons, 3.30pm – 6.00pm after Christmas holidays

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Currie Community High School Extra-Curricular Clubs

If your child wants to sign up for any clubs please see the link below on how to do this. Pupils will also be coming home with a paper version if you do not want to or cannot do this online.

Currie HS Sports Membership 2018 2019

In order to subsidise the cost of external coaches, transport to competitions, affiliation fees, equipment and referees/umpires we introduced a Sports Membership Annual fee which will remain at £30 for 2018-19.  Please note that on occasion there may be some additional costs throughout the year for some clubs.

Pupils can participate in as many of the clubs for their year group as they like for this fee!

Lindsay Campbell
Active School Co-ordinator
Balerno/Currie Cluster
T: 07884210647


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Eco-Schools Scotland – Green Flag Award

Well done to Ms Steel and her team for all their hard work which helped Currie Community High achieve this award.

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There are mountains of work done across the school to help us maintain our prestigious Green Flag – our topics are addressed in most curricular areas but also within DofE, Prince’s Trust, PSE, Mentors in Violence Prevention, Rights Respecting Schools to name a few. Well done to everyone for your dedication! Our renewal date for our Green Flag is January 2019…

 Our Eco Schools Topics this year: Litter, Waste Minimisation & Healthy Living

Litter: The Currieco team wanted to look at the problem of litter in our school and community and tackle this through presentations, education and change. We have had workshops from Changeworks and the Bin-It roadshow. The S2s took part in an entertaining anti-litter campaign in Drama; well done to 2L1’s representatives who won the competition!  Many staff, pupils and volunteers have been out litter-picking throughout this session but we still have a lot of work to do. We are having a Currieco day on the last week of terms to tackle our to-do list!

Waste Minimisation: The problem of plastic in the sea has hit the headlines recently and we decided to make plastic waste a focus. We showed a presentation during Tutor Group time and asked them to “make a promise” to the world to help do “their bit” during Earth Hour. We created a globe out of plastic bottle tops for our Eco display and as a school have made plans to scrap plastic bottle sales, cutlery and polystyrene containers in the Dolphin Café. We are in the process of re-branding our bins and encouraging more mixed recycling across the school including food waste and battery recycling. Mrs Marriott is also continuing to recycle our toner cartridges which is great!

 Healthy Living: Our Fair Trade team, led by Ms Gerardot, put on a fun stall for the Christmas Fayre and continue to provide a weekly FT stall for pupils.  For Fair Trade fortnight, we shared some interesting facts to raise awareness and provided a special gift stall for staff. We also hosted a premiere of a Fair Trade film called ‘Unravelling the Thread’ highlighting the struggles and dangers of cotton farming. The Food for Life committee have been linking learning with curriculum and have improved healthy provision in the Dolphin Café and made efforts to address waste, community links, variety and sustainability. Did you know that in HFT, S1 pupils go foraging for wild flower and cook with it and eat it? We will be doing a HWB survey to ensure that all pupils have their say. Inclusivity and security are of vital importance to us and Mr McKinney and SfL are making exciting plans for a nurture space. We are also planning to make a buzz in the school grounds and attract bees to our flower beds to address the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder which is everyone’s problem!

Some of our Eco Tips / Facts from this year:

Plastic…  FACT: If we continue to use and dispose of plastic at the current rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.  PLEDGE: Carry a reusable bag for your food or clothes shopping. Encourage your parents to keep reusable bags in the car for groceries. Save money and help save our oceans!

Ecosia…  Did you know you could help save the planet by just using a search engine? Download the Ecosia app and use it instead of Google. It is a non-profit organisation that donates 80% of its profits to tree plantation – 45 searches will plant one tree. So far, Ecosia have planted 30 million trees!

Fair Trade Uniform…  Fairtrade can provide access to finance, producer support and expertise in tackling climate change, supporting long-term environmental sustainability. Did you know that Currie CHS supports Fairtrade with its Fairtrade school uniform from KoolSkools?

Gender Equality …  Fair trade enables more women to join the organisations that grow produce such as bananas, cotton and tea.  This is important because “it gives women the right to vote, to participate in decision making, to receive benefits and to live with dignity.”  Is your cuppa a Fairtrade cuppa?

Keep doing your bit for our school and planet.

Mrs Steel & Currieco

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Summer 2018 Newsletter

The Summer 2018 Newsletter has just been published, please see link below

Summer Newsletter 2018


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