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Jeans for Genes Day Tomorrow

On Friday 13th Sept we are holding a Jeans for Genes day here at school.

For a £1 donation, students get to swap their uniform for their jeans for the day and at the same time know that they are helping to improve the lives of children with life-altering genetic disorders. There will be a short video all about it on Friday during registration but you want to find out more see: #JeansForGenes on Twitter and the website.

This is a dress down day and we want it to be fun but students should still be dressed in appropriate clothing. This means no football tops, short cropped tops or jeans that are ripped all the way up the leg.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend.

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New Currie High Building Confirmed

It’s official…..We are getting a New Currie Community High School building

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Looking for shoe boxes for our Christmas Shoebox Appeal

If you have any empty shoeboxes at home then please bring them to Mrs Mackenzie or you Modern Languages teacher as we will be taking part in the Christmas Shoebox appeal later in the term. 


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Late Detentions

Well done to the students who continue to arrive to school on time on a daily basis. The late detentions will be resuming on Wednesday 18th September.
A reminder that if you are late to school and miss registration on 3 occasions in a week, you will be given a 20min detention and if you are late on 4 or 5 occasions in a week, you will be given a 40min detention. The detentions will take place within the following two weeks on a Wednesday at 3.30pm in the Community Lounge and letters will be sent home to inform your parents/carers. If you fail to turn up for your detention, you will be given an automatic hour long detention with Mrs MacKinnon the following week.

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P7 Open Evening – Wednesday 2nd October 7pm to 9pm

Please find attached letter regarding the P7 Open Evening

P7 Open Evening Oct 2019

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Statutory Consultation – Curriemuirend Park and Edinburgh Park Catchment changes

Please see letter by clicking on the link below –

Edin Park Letter and Summary 260819 FINAL

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Climate letter

Climate Letter

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Foodbank donations – Thank you

On the last day of term I took a car full of donations to the food bank at Broomhouse. Thank you so much for your contributions and for encouraging pupils to donate.

Below is a message from Edinburgh North West Foodbank:

Dear All at Currie Community High School,

From everyone at the Edinburgh North West, Central and East Foodbanks, we want to thank you for your wonderful contribution to our efforts. Your generous donation of 155.50kg will help ensure that no family in our area is without sufficient food in times of crisis. Your donation was greatly appreciated.

January – June 2019

No. Of people we have helped: 7,179

Adults: 5,169

Children: 2,010

Stock we received: 10,277 kg

Thanks again,

Kate Steel & Currieco


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A number of our pupil’s suffer from medically diagnosed food allergies, some of which are severe airborne allergies. The school meals service and HFT department will take all reasonable measures to ensure that pupils food allergies are catered for, however, like most secondary schools many of our pupils purchase food at local shops or choose to bring a packed lunch. It is due to this fact that the school cannot be completely ‘nut free’ as no assurances can be given that food being brought into the building will not contain traces of nuts.

To safeguard the health and wellbeing of pupils suffering from severe nut allergies we ask that parents try to avoid – wherever possible – sending pupils to school with packed lunches containing nuts (particularly pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts or cashews). If pupils do choose to eat these types of snack within school, please encourage them to take a drink and wash their hands after they have eaten to avoid the trace of nuts being spread. Parents/carers should also remind their child regularly of the need to refuse any food items that may be offered by other pupils. If you would like to inform the school of any medically diagnosed food allergies affecting your child, please contact the School Office.


This advice is in line with the City of Edinburgh Council’s Allergies Policy

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Pupil Medication

Here is an overview of the procedure to follow regarding pupil medication at Currie Community High School. 

  • At the beginning of each school year (August) parents are required to provide the school with the appropriate medical forms and if necessary, the medication a pupil may need during the school day. This should be treated as a high priority for pupils with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and allergies. Forms can be found on the school website under – INFORMATION – Welfare Room or see link below.
  • No medication of any kind can be taken in school or administered by high school staff without a  parental request form being completed and signed by a parent/carer. This includes non-prescribed medication such as piriton, paracetamol and ibuprofen.
  • Prescribed medication for pupils must be supplied to the school by a parent, in the dispensing container with the original pharmacy label detailing the pupil’s name, date of birth, etc.
  • Any change to medication type or dose requires a new form to be completed and signed by parent/carer. This must be returned to the school before it can be taken or given at school.
  • Medication held and administered at school may need replenished. When this is the case the Welfare PSA will contact the parent/carer via email or telephone to request more medication. Please provide this as soon as possible so that pupils do not miss having their medication administered.
  • Pupils who want to and are able to self-administer medication may do so only with parents’/carers’ and the school’s permission. A form must be completed  and signed before self-administration is undertaken at school. Please be aware this includes paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Link to Medical Forms (see bottom of the page)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Welfare PSA at the school.

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