The following questions have been frequently asked as we have set up our for Learning @ Home.

How does my son/daughter get access to Office 365? Firstly, click on this link to go to the log in screen for Office 365. From here, this step-by-step guide will take you through the required steps.

How do I access the required information for my son/daughters learning? Each year group has a document set up which notifies you of where the work will be, e.g. Teams, OneNote, SharePoint. From there you use the step-by-step guide to access Office 365. Work is available for S1, S2, S3 and S4 to S6.

How can I plan my son/daughters day? We have created a document that outlines how many hours each class would have each week. The document also has a planner included to allow you to plan what your son/daughter could be doing at a particular time. Click here to open and print the Planning Document.

Microsoft Teams seems to be going really slow and I cannot access the files needed? With the increased demand worldwide for Teams, the loading speeds will be reduced. To help with this you can access download the App from Apple Store (iPad), Google Play (Android) and Microsoft (laptop/desktop). By using any of these it may allow easier access and awareness of work for online learning.

Are there any top tips you could suggest for parents/carers and students as they work from home? We have the Top 10 Tips for Parents/Carers and Students. This can be accessed from our Online Learning Guidance page.