Smoke Free

Smoke Free Policy

We believe everyone is entitled to breathe fresh air – smoking is not permitted within our school grounds. This includes everywhere within our school fences, entrance gate areas and ‘Roley’s Woods’, and applies to all users of Currie Community High School.  Students found to be smoking will be asked to stop and reported to the Headteacher/Year Head. They will also be offered free support from the NHS Smoke Free Youth service.

Our new Smoke Free Policy was launched on no smoking day – 8th March 2017. Students have been made aware of this policy via assemblies and will be given further information during group tutor time and PSE. The Smoke Free presentation shown at assemblies can be viewed below. Thanks to Mr Watson’s S3 Graphics class who designed posters for the campaign which will be displayed around the school.

Support to quit smoking:

Students can access the NHS Smoke Free Youth service for free and confidential advice by speaking to their Pupil Support Leader or:

The following presentation was delivered to all pupils at House assemblies