Thursday bulletin

1 All Classes – To all Tutor Group TeachersProcess for pupils to follow if they are ill at school

1.      Any pupil that feels unwell at school should speak to their teacher in the first instance and the teacher will decide if they should be sent to the Welfare Room. No pupil should call or text home during class time or between classes (unless it is break-time or lunchtime) as per school policy.

2.      If a pupil feels unwell during break or lunch they can go straight to the Welfare Room.

3.      The Pupil Support Assistant in the Welfare Room is a qualified First Aider and will assess a pupil to determine if a parent/carer needs to be called to discuss a pupils condition and if they need to go home. Please ensure all parent/carer contact details are kept up to date at all times.

4.      Pupils under 16 will only be allowed home if they are collected from school by a parent/carer. Pupils over 16 will only be allowed to go home once the school has obtained permission from the parent/carer.

5.      It is extremely important that no pupil who is ill should leave school without having followed this process. This is because –

A.     If an illness were to rapidly get worse the safety of the pupil would be at risk.

B.     If an emergency situation were to happen at school such as a fire alarm, and attendance records show a pupil is in school but not part of the school evacuation they will be deemed as still being in the building. In this circumstance the emergency services may enter a dangerous situation to look for the pupil and put themselves in danger for no reason.






















2 All Classes – Dolphin Café

The Dolphin Café will be starting up a noodle bar on Monday 20 November. Vegetarian Chinese noodles with a choice of toppings will be available




3 All Classes – Dolphin Café Servers and Server Area

The servers and server area within the Dolphin Café are completely out of bounds to all pupils.

Electrical equipment used to operate the servers are a potential danger and must not be tampered with at any time. Warning signs are in place.






Please return your JASS slips to the school office by Friday if you intend to take part in the JASS award. Replacement letters can be found in a plastic wallet outside of Mrs Robertson’s classroom.




5 Pathway to Mixed Martial Arts

Held at Currie High School for Currie and Balerno from 4pm until after 5pm on Thursdays in the end sports hall.  All welcome.  Any sports kit.  For the fun, fitness and the long game.





Head Teacher