Time for Reflection

time for reflectionEveryone needs time and space to reflect.  At Currie Community High School we allow pupils and staff this time with our Time for Reflection programme of assemblies and other opportunities.

We are a school that embraces a diversity of belief in our pupils and staff.  There are those with strong religious faith and those with none.  Our Time for Reflection programme aims to reflect this diversity and recognise the religious and cultural backgrounds of our school community.

Time for Reflection assemblies are planned by pupils in conjunction with staff and pupils.  The programme allows pupils time and space to ponder some big ideas and questions.  For example, in our series of assemblies there was a session called “Looking Forward”.  A number of different pupils and staff shared with S3 and S4 pupils what they were looking forward to over the course of the next year.  One senior pupil was looking forward to participating in the Lessons From Auschwitz programme, another to their annual SU camp.  A junior pupil was looking forward to their next summer holiday whilst a member of staff was trying to reduce his golf handicap.

Other assemblies and opportunities for reflection focused on Interfaith Remembrance, a lecture from Denis Goldberg who was imprisoned alongside Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Christmas, Holocaust Memorial Day, Easter, and charitable efforts including the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.  At the end of the year we celebrated achievements that are both collective and personal when we rounded things off with an assembly called “Looking Back”.

Time for Reflection & Assemblies Programme