Tuesday bulletin

1 All Classes

All pupils who volunteered to collate the pupil response to the School Review proposals should report to Mrs MacKinnon’s room during registration on Wednesday. You must register with your Group Tutor first.





2 All Classes – A capella

A capella is running on Wednesday for a final practice for the concert so please meet in Miss Halliday’s room ready to sing at 1pm. Full attendance please..!!




3 All classes – Damage to furniture in the LRC

2 chairs worth £100 each have been damaged and broken over 2 days in the LRC. The LRC is a lovely place for pupils to borrow/read books and complete homework/work on assignments. Please respect the space which is for your use and follow these simple rules:


·        Do not swing on chairs and put your chair back neatly under the desk

·        One pupil only at each  computer

·        Eat food outside the LRC

·        Mobiles should also be used outside the LRC


Pupil numbers using the LRC at social times will be restricted as the situation is monitored.













A representative from JET (Job/Education/Training) will be coming in to school on THURSDAY 15th MARCH at 6PM to give parents more information about the JET programme and what it offers. Please bring your parents along if you have chosen JET as an option in S4.





5 S3 D of E

Please come to a meeting on Thursday 15th March, ML 5 at 1:15.



6 S4-S6 Pupils
Advanced Higher/Higher/NAT 4&5 PE StudentsAll arrangements for the Performance Assessment (Wednesday 14th of March) are listed on the PE noticeboard.
You MUST be in the correct facility at the correct time for your performance – please check this as you may be involved in more than one event on the day. Please ask your PE teacher for clarification.
Students should return to class following the completed performance assessment – all staff have been informed.








7 S5 MVP

Meeting at 1pm on Wednesday in English 4.



8 S5 Pupils – SCIENCE INSIGHTS 23rd – 27th July 2018

Science Insights is an exciting work experience programme designed to give 5th year high school pupils a real insight into the work and life of research scientists.

The annual programme – launched in 2014 by the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine and The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh– now involves all five research institutes in the University’s College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, providing access to its cutting-edge facilities and inspiring researchers. This year’s programme will provide an opportunity for 40 high school pupils to spend a week of their summer holidays following a varied programme of activities on four different University of Edinburgh campuses, gaining a real insight into research and work in biological sciences, medicine and veterinary medicine.

See website: https://www.ed.ac.uk/medicine-vet-medicine/outreach/science-insights to for more information. Deadline Monday 23rd April 2018
















9 HPV Vaccinations

Permission slips have been handed out to all S1 students and some other pupils in other year groups that have not had their HPV Vaccinations. Please ensure these are returned by Friday 16th March 2018.





10 Time for Reflection

Members of the TfR team should meet in RME 1 at 1pm on Thursday 15th March. This is to plan the Easter assembly on 29th March.





Head Teacher