Tuesday’s bulletin 21/05/2019

1 All Years: Behaviour in the Community

It has been brought to our attention that some young people have not been behaving in a very respectful manner when getting buses after school recently. You should not be charging on in large groups and pushing past members of the community who are also waiting to get on.  We pride ourselves on the respect we show to others in school and we expect you to continue this outside of the school gates too. Please ensure you wait patiently to get on buses and make way to let other members of the community on first.








2 Bilingual Pupils S1-S3:

Please hand your completed posters in to Mrs Okasha this week if possible (deadline is 31st May).



3 S3 Bronze DofE

Well done to everyone on completing your presentations for the expedition. I am very impressed at your diligence in getting this done!

Please remember to get the other three sections written up on edofe and get your Assessors’ Reports completed and uploaded once you have finished each section. Please see me or email me if you have any questions.








Head Teacher