Tuesday’s bulletin 18/06/2019

1 All Classes – Book Amnesty – English Department

Thank you to those pupils who have already returned books.

Please have a look at home for any books you may still need to return to the English Department.  If you bring them to the English Staff Base by the end of this term, no questions will be asked!





2 All Classes: Food Bank Appeal

Dear School Community. It has come to our attention that the Edinburgh Food Project is desperately low in food stock. The foodbanks are used by families in times of hardship. As part of the Green Flag, we are expected to show empathy and global citizenship. We are appealing for items such as UHT milk, coffee, tea, long life fruit juice, tinned fruit, biscuits, rice, pasta, food tins. We will donate our contribution on the last week of term. If everyone brought in one item, that would be amazing! There will be a drop box outside the LRC. Thanks for your kindness, Currieco.








3 S5/6 College Students

A reminder that if your college induction/class has now finished until August, you are asked to either study in the LRC or sign out at the office and work at home on a Tuesday & Thursday afternoon, as explained in the letter.  If you did not receive a letter, please see Mrs Paterson.





4 S6 (new) Career Ready Students:

All students should attend a meeting during lunchtime on Wednesday 19th July. Come along to MS2 at 1pm.





Head Teacher