Tuesday’s bulletin 12/11/2019

1 S3 – S6 German Film Trip

Please meet today in the foyer at 9am with bus fare, packed lunch and afternoon materials.



2 S6 Students

Can all members of the yearbook committee attend a meeting at 1pm on Monday in maths 1.



3 S5/6 Students – Rewards Committee

There will be a meeting for members of the rewards committee at 1pm in the Community Lounge of Wednesday 13th November to discuss the first round of awards. Please feel free to bring your lunch along. Please see Miss Muir if you can’t make it.





4 Ski Trip 2020

Can the following people please see Mrs Dower in Maths 2 at break on Tuesday.  If you can not attend, please let Mrs Dower know as soon as possible.





















5 S4/5/6 Pupils
The senior boys basketball team have a game away to Tynecastle HS – please sign up on the sheet at the PE classroom before the end of the day on Wednesday.



6 S3 Basketball Team

All members of the S3 Basketball Team must wash and return their kit before the end of the day on Friday.




7 S3 Bronze DofE 

Please come to a meeting in ML4 at 1:10 on Thurs 14th November. This is for everyone in S3 who has signed up to the Bronze Award.




8 S4 and S5 Silver and Gold DofE

Final call for names and forms for Silver and Gold will be this Thursday –  14th November. Email me if you have any queries or see me on Thursday morning.





No Music Club this week.  The club will resume after Christmas.



10 #BooksNotJust4Xmas – Quote of the Week!

Welcome to your chance to be inspired, intrigued, motivated, delighted…the list is endless…just like the quotations that we are going to share with you each week for the rest of term…

Hunt these out in literature, music or in the media.  How do these quotations reflect the world in which you live?

I can’t help but start with my favourite quotation of all time.

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities)

Can you think of a time when something happened to you that was both challenging or tricky and amazing at the same time?










11 S1-S3 Vet Medicine Information Evening

This event is designed for S1 – S3 pupils who are considering pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. It takes place on Wednesday 27th November from 19:00 – 20:30 at the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at Easter Bush, Midlothian.

The event aims to give pupils & parents/carers an idea of what it involves being a vet as well as what it takes to become a vet.

Pupils and Parents/Carers can get more information and sign up at the following link: https://vet-info-evening.eventbrite.co.uk

Posters can also be found on the University notice board which is situated between Modern Studies and the main staffroom.











12 Strasbourg trip

Can all the pupils going on the Strasbourg trip please come to Miss Wallace’s room, at break or lunch only,  to collect their hoodies.



13 Tuck shop in foyer all this week

There will be a tuck shop running every day this week at break in the foyer selling a range of chocolates and sweets.




14 Can the following pupils come to HFT1 next Wednesday 14 Nov at 1.10 for a prefect meeting in relation to starting lunch clubs for pupils







Head Teacher