Tuesday bulletin

1 All Classes – Sporting Success


Congratulations to the following pupils for their performance at the Knox Academy Schools Trampoline Competition on Friday 26th May:


Kara  S3 (Novice routine) 1st

Shannon  S3 (Beginner routine) 4th

Niamh  S3 (Beginner routine) 1st

Lauren S3 (Beginner routine) 3rd

Lucy S3 (Beginner routine) 2nd

Liam S5 (Elite routine) 1st


All pupils performed their routines to a high standard and were complimented by the competition organiser. Well done to all and thanks to the Club coaches who assisted in preparing the pupils for the event and being in attendance to support the pupils. A good example of a partnership model working with an external club.  Thanks too, to Miss. Borwick for her attendance at the event to support the pupils.



















Head Teacher