Wednesday bulletin 19/9/18


We will focus on the first two School Values throughout the month of September. Your Year Heads, your PSLs (Guidance teachers), all your teachers and I will expect to see you showing these values in your attitude, work and behaviour both in and out of school throughout September. I will be speaking to many of you to discuss how you are striving to embrace these values. Think carefully about how each value applies to you.

Our September values are:


• To perform to the best of your ability

• To seize every important opportunity

• To try something new

• To accept others and yourself

• To be enthusiastic and motivated to learn



• Supportive to others

• Unified commitment to improvement

• Appreciating achievements of all kinds


















2 S1 Lunch Club Quiz

Come along to a fun quiz on Thursday lunch in Modern Studies 1 and bring along your lunch. There will be prizes! Hope to see you there!   Peer Supporters





Any S6 students who are interested in participating in the “Lessons from Auschwitz” programme should note their interest, by letter, to Mr Duncan by period 6 today (Wednesday). The letter should include why you want to participate, what benefit you think it will bring for you and how you might go about sharing your experience with others.

Please note, you must be in possession of a current passport and a European Health Insurance Card is desirable. If you do not have an EHIC card, and are successful in your application, there should be enough time to order one ahead of departure.


You must be available at the following dates and times to participate in this event…


1.      Sunday 30th September, 1-5pm. Orientation Seminar at the Sheraton Grand Hotel

2.      Wednesday 3rd October, 6:30am departure – 10:15pm return (Edinburgh Airport). Day at Auschwitz

3.      Tuesday 9th October, 3-6:30pm. Follow up seminar at the Hilton Grosevenor



Apologies for the tight deadline, but we have only just been offered these places. If you have any questions ahead of completing your letter of application, please see Mr Duncan. Successful applicants will be informed by Thursday lunchtime and must then provide Mr Duncan with the following information to be registered for their place…


Full name
Date of birth
Email address
Mobile telephone number




























MMA is in the end sports hall, Currie, on Thursdays from 4:15 to 5:30. All ages welcome.



5 Multicultural Night- Wednesday 19th September, Assembly Hall, 6-8pm

A multicultural night with the food, dance and dress of different cultures. Come with friends and family and take part by bringing the food or wearing the dress of your culture or a culture you like.




6 Multicultural Dress Down Day- Friday 21st September

Bring £1 and dress down in the clothes of your culture, a culture you like or your own clothes.



7 Scottish Maths Challenge 2018–19

This is a reminder that you have one more week to get your entry in for round 1 of the Scottish maths challenge. It is not too late to pick up an entry from the maths department

You have until Tuesday 25th of September to complete Round 1. Hand all completed entries in to your Maths teacher or Miss Duffin. Good luck






8 School show – Dancers

All dance rehearsals for the school show will take place on a Monday lunchtime 12.45 – 1.15pm. If you are intending on dancing in the school show, please bring a packed lunch and you’ll have the last 15 mins of lunch to eat this and get ready for period 5 classes.






Head Teacher