Wednesday’s bulletin 19/06/19

1 All Classes – Weekly Reminder: *Wednesday Recycling*

ü  Please bring all paper/cardboard/plastic/cans in your recycling bags to the Fire Exit doors by the greenhouse between C and D Block

ü  Take the bag down the stairs and place in the large recycling container. There will be people there to help!

Thank you for your help with waste reduction, from CurrieEco.







2 All years – Sports Day

Sports Day takes place this Friday period 3 and 4 for S2, S3 and S4! It should be sunny so remember sunscreen but also a jacket in case not. Please come along and support your peers and houses. All competitors should check the board in the PE department to see what activity they are competing in and bring relevant kit and water. Senior helpers should check with the PE department so that they understand their role.







3 All Classes: Eco Tip of the Month – Polystyrene

One of the most commonly-used plastics in this country is polystyrene – several millions of tons of which are produced every year. Most of it is binned after one use. This plastic then creates gases in landfill or ends up in the ocean, endangering wildlife. In an effort to reduce plastic and polystyrene waste, please bring your own clean containers to the canteen for your hot food. This should help save on waste, money and landfill. Thanks for your help, Currieco.







4 All Classes – Book Amnesty – English Department

Thank you to those pupils who have already returned books.

Please have a look at home for any books you may still need to return to the English Department.  If you bring them to the English Staff Base by the end of this term, no questions will be asked!





5 S5/6 NHS Work Placements

Can anyone interested in applying for a placement, please ensure you have returned your NHS application form to Mrs Paterson by Tuesday 25th June? These applications need to be submitted before the summer holidays.  If you are interested but have not yet received the paperwork, please see Mrs Paterson ASAP.






6 S5/6 College Students

A reminder that if your college induction/class has now finished until August, you are asked to either study in the LRC or sign out at the office and work at home on a Tuesday & Thursday afternoon, as explained in the letter.  If you did not receive a letter, please see Mrs Paterson.





7 S6 (new) Career Ready Students

All students should attend a meeting during lunchtime on Wednesday 19th July. Come along to MS2 at 1pm.




8 Ski Trip 2020

All pupils who want to go on the ski trip next year should hand in their deposits ASAP and no later than the end of term.  Please hand cheques to Mrs Dower next week as Mr Harley is out of school.




9 House points for the year


And the winner is……..


……Lennox 4485               Hermiston 4465          Kinleith 3760







Head Teacher