Wednesday’s bulletin 9/10/19

1 All Pupils – Badminton

Unfortunately there will be no Badminton or Basketball extra-curricular clubs this week.

Both will return after the October holidays.

2 Weekly Reminder: *Wednesday Recycling*

ü  Please bring all paper/cardboard/plastic/cans in your recycling bags to the Fire Exit doors by the greenhouse between C and D Block.

ü  Take the bag down the stairs and place in the large recycling container. There will be people there to help!

ü  Return bag/box to Tutor Group room.

Thank you for your help with landfill reduction, from CurrieEco. J

3 S3-S6: French and German cinema trips

Please note the final day for handing in your permission slip and payment for the trips to the Filmhouse is Friday 11th October.




4 All Classes

Please note the new one way system when entering and leaving the corridor outside the Dolphin Café.  This is to decrease the time it takes to queue and to make it a fairer system at breaks and lunches . The signs are clear on the doors and we expect the senior pupils to be a good example for the juniors.






5 All Classes: Eco Tip of the Month: Toothbrushes…

Did you know…?  Most of us will replace around 300 toothbrushes during our lifetime. Toothbrushes are not recyclable since small parts get stuck in machinery. Dentists recommend that we change our toothbrush every 3-4 months. At that rate, 23 billion toothbrushes would end up in landfill annually worldwide. Please consider changing to a bamboo toothbrush. These can be found online or in eco shops such as The Eco Larder in town.







6 All classes – Lunch-time craft activity in LRC to celebrate National Libraries Week

It’s National libraries Week! To celebrate why not come into the school library at lunch-time today or Wednesday to make a bracelet with your initials in binary code . Alternatively you could just make a bracelet! This is an activity for everyone so even if you wouldn’t wear a bracelet you could make one as a gift for someone else. 1.10 -130.






To All Students and Staff

We would like you to come to our tuckshop on Thursdays. It’s on 26th  September and 3rd  and 10th  October in the foyer. Remember to bring money with you and an empty stomach.

The Nurture Group.




8 S3/4/5/6 Pupils

The next fixture for both the S3 and Senior Boys Basketball teams takes place on Wednesday 23rd of October – first day back after the holidays!
Please tick the sign up sheet if you are able to play – this is on the PE Classroom door. Only 8 players from both teams will make the trip to Royal High as we have two games back to back!






9 S4 Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award Ceremony

If you have completed your Bronze Award, please remember about the Award Ceremony on Thurs 10th Oct, 7 pm in the Community Lounge. All parents,  guardians, grandparents welcome!


S4 Duke of Edinburgh

If you would like to do the Silver Award, please come to a meeting in ML4 at 1:15 on Thurs 10th October.








10 S6 – Charities

The Charities committee will now meet on Thursday at 1pm in RME1, not Tuesday as previously agreed.




11 S6

Can all S6s who would like a yearbook please pay a deposit of £5 to Miss Wallace by Friday 11th October.




12 Student Newspaper

Meeting on Wednesday lunchtime in English 3



13 Strasbourg Trip

Can all the pupils going on the Strasbourg trip attend a meeting on Wednesday 9th Oct at 1pm in Maths 1 to be sized for their hoodies.            ‘





Head Teacher