Work-based Learning

Why should I consider work-based learning as an option for me? There are two reasons: Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) and Apprenticeships.

Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)

Do you want to know where the jobs are? LMI shapes what we offer students. As a result we prepared a leaflet for staff, parents and pupils with information on:

  • who are Edinburgh’s largest employers,
  • how many people are employed in different industries,
  • how much do qualifications/occupations pay,
  • my World of Work from Skills Development Scotland (SDS),
  • the Edinburgh Guarantee,
  • top 5 tips for School Leavers, and
  • a students perspective on their learning journey.

Please download a copy of the LMI Leaflet and if you have any questions please email us.

Apprenticeships (Foundation, Modern and Graduate)

Why should I consider an apprenticeship? That is a great question, let’s see why!

  • Modern Apprenticeships do not have College/University (no debt at the end)
  • Foundation/Modern Apprenticeships give you practical work experience (you are doing the job while studying)
  • Modern Apprenticeships have a potential secured job/employment at the end of the Modern Apprenticeship
  • Study (Higher level) and get work experience while you are at school (Foundation Apprenticeship)
  • Complete study and qualification that are considered highly desirable by employers/business, in areas such as construction, engineering, retail, finance and childcare to meet your career aspirations

What is Work-based Learning from Skills Development Scotland (SDS)? (Foundation, Modern & Graduate Apprenticeships)

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