Computing Science

Computing Science is changing the world. It is an exciting discipline which is rapidly evolving, driving innovation. Computing Science is radically changing every area of our society. More and more of the everyday devices we use rely on Computing Science to function. These devices have had enormous impact on the way we live, work and socialise. Understanding computer science is part of the necessary skill set for an academically well-rounded person in today’s world.

Computing is intellectually stimulating and challenging. It requires clear logical thinking, problem solving, imagination, creativity, working independently and as part of a team, sound organisational skills and good management skills. These are transferable skills, highly valued in any profession. Understanding computational processes and thinking is vital to many fields including science, economics, business and industry.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching begins in S1 & S2 with pupils spending 1 hour a week in the department (details are below), where they enhance and extend existing proficiency in using a wide range of software, which supports their computer use in the wider curriculum. In S3 pupils select to study Computing Science, which includes units such as Internet, Computer Systems, Programming, Animation and Multimedia (details are below). In S5/6 this can be studied up till and including Advanced Higher (course information below).

The links/pictures below can give you information, produced by the National Parent Forum of Scotland, for each of our subjects to Higher level.

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