Parent Council

Parents in Partnership (“PIP”)
is the Currie Community High School (“CCHS”) Parent Council

ALL parents/carers of any student at CCHS are automatically PIP members, you don’t have to “apply”, it is automatic, and all parents/carers will be warmly welcomed at all PIP meetings and activities. You won’t be called on if you don’t want to speak or to volunteer – it is up to you how much you want to be involved. The main thing we do ask is, if you want to join the email mailing list, you email and give us permission to store your contact details.

PIP Aims

School Boards were abolished in 2006 and City of Edinburgh Council arranged for all schools to form a new parent body. PIP was set up as the parent council for CCHS. Its name embodies PIP’s purpose of being a line of communication between the parent body and school staff in matters of education and welfare as well as raising funds for the benefit of students’ experiences at CCHS. PIP’s aims are:

Enable cooperation and communication between parents/carers and teachers

Discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the education and welfare of students

Engage in activities that support and advance the education of pupils, and

Raise funds for the benefit of CCHS students

You can view PIP’s constitution here.

PIP meetings – how they run

PIP meets five times a year (or more if needed). Meetings switched to virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic and are still virtual. We pick dates across the year and on different evenings so as many parents/carers as possible can attend.

Meetings run from 7pm to 9pm and open with parents/carer volunteers reporting back. Then we hear from school staff, including Head Teacher Jenny Hutchison.

Our Co-Chairs facilitate the discussion so there is a great mix of hearing new information and review/challenge by parents/carers. Meeting dates for the rest of 2021/22 are:

We have seen a steady increase the numbers of parents/carers joining PIP meetings in the past few years, which is fantastic. We want this to continue.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Thursday 24 March 2022

Tuesday 24 May 2022 – AGM

Future Meeting Links

Use these links to join PIP meetings. You don’t need to register, just click the link. You will be asked to give your name for the minutes.

You’re invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting.
Title: CCHS PIP – meeting 3 of 5 (2021/22)
Time: Wednesday, 12 January 2022 19:00:00 GMT
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You’re invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting.
Title: CCHS PIP – meeting 4 of 5 (2021/22)
Time: Thursday, 24 March 2022 19:00:00 GMT
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PIP Office Bearers

Once a year at the AGM (and at other times if there is an unexpected vacancy) office bearers are elected from the parent body. We have a Chair (or Co-Chairs), a Treasurer and a Secretary. The current office bearers were appointed at the May 2021 AGM and are:

Co-Chairs:  Naomi Barton and Emma McGlynn

Treasurer: Hilda Rankin

Secretary: Jo McKay

More information on the office-bearers is in their bios here.

PIP Subgroups

Specific sub-groups for particular areas of focus were established for the 2020/21 year and have made a huge impact. Our current groups are below – click the symbol for contact details or simply email to be put in touch with one of the sub-groups. All sub-groups actively welcome more parents/carers getting involved and would love to hear from you.

Contact Us

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Apply to join the Facebook private group (there will be membership questions)

By email –

CCHS PIP maintains an active email contact list for PIP meetings. All parents/carers are invited to join BUT – under GDPR – we can only include you if you give us permission to store your contact details. Click here to join the mailing list and consent under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Past Meetings

31 August 2021:

Click here for the draft minutes

24 May 2021 AGM

Click here for the approved minutes. Click here for the AGM presentation (including 2020/21 final accounts and funding report). Click here for the Co-Chairs’ report on 2020/21