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Families on Free Schools Meals should have received a winter payment of £100 before Christmas to help with the costs of winter heating bills etc. (see for more information). You can check your eligibility and apply for future supports on our Free School Meals page.

Applications made for Free School Meals will benefit schools financially also, as it will lead to an increase in PEF funding. Families with Income based eligibility should apply for FSM holiday payments here.

Did you know that the Scottish Child Payment opened for applications in November 2020? First payments begin from the end of February 2021 and full rollout to eligible families with children under 6 is expected by the end of 2022. The payment is £10 per week, per eligible child. There are no limits in the number of eligible children supported by the Scottish Child payment. Households with children and in receipt of a qualifying benefit (e.g. Universal Credit, Income Related benefits, Pension Credits) are eligible. For further details and to see if you are eligible, please follow this link: Scottish Child Payment .

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