Work-based Learning

Why should I consider work-based learning as an option for me? There are two reasons: Labour Market Information (LMI) and Apprenticeships.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Do you want to know where the jobs are? Do you know what qualifications are needed?


See what Careers are in the different industries by clicking on this Playlist (DYW Moray). If you have any questions or would like more information please email us.

Apprenticeships (Foundation, Modern and Graduate)

Why should I consider an apprenticeship? That is a great question, let’s see why!

  • Modern Apprenticeships do not have College/University (no debt at the end)
  • Foundation/Modern Apprenticeships give you practical work experience (you are doing the job while studying)
  • Modern Apprenticeships have a potential secured job/employment at the end of the Modern Apprenticeship
  • Study (Higher level) and get work experience while you are at school (Foundation Apprenticeship)
  • Complete study and qualification that are considered highly desirable by employers/business, in areas such as construction, engineering, retail, finance and childcare to meet your career aspirations

What is Work-based Learning from Skills Development Scotland (SDS)? (Foundation, Modern & Graduate Apprenticeships)

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